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Our EDTA is completely water-soluble solid that is colorless and an acid of aminopolycarboxylic. This is generally utilized to dissolve limestone for varied applications in medicines, cleaning agents and cosmetic items. It holds molar mass of 292.24 grams for every MOL.
The provided DTPA includes five groups of carboxymethyl with diethylenetriamine. It is used or considered as an expanded form of EDTA. This is composed in white colored solid that is entirely soluble in water and liquid solutions. It is also compatible with different chemical compounds and derivatives.
The pure extract of citric acid is acknowledged as Citrate. It is broadly utilized in different industries as an additive, chelating agent and preservative for countless consuming and non-consuming products. This is requested in the market for its quality, integrity and purity.
This NTA is derived from the acid of aminopolycarboxylic and has molecular formula of N(CH2CO2H)3. It is utilized as a chelating agent in most chemical and medical industries. However, it is utilized in complexometric solutions for varied experiments and laboratory applications.
Water Treatment Chemicals
This range of Water Treatment Chemicals is effective in treating scaling of boiler water, cooling tower water and pressure vessel. Also suitable for treating effluent and sewage water, these chelating chemicals efficiently deal with metal ions of water to remove scaling.
The provided Phosphates help the customers in maintaining and growing healthy teeth and bones. They are beneficial in offering the demanded carbohydrate level to the human body. These also help in removing waste from kidneys and energy distribution within the body.
Our Sulphates are acclaimed among the users for their precise composition and effective impacts on varied items, substances and reactions. These have elongated shelf life and pH value that enable them to be used in both medical and chemical industries.
Hydroxyethylidene Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP)
Hydroxy ethylidene Diphosphonic Acid is the full form of our HEDP. It functions as an acid corrosion inhibitor for varied products. Moreover, this can simply chelate with ions of copper, zinc and iron to produce table compounds. It possesses great visible threshold impacts.
Trace Elements
This Trace Elements is highly utilized in the agricultural industry. It basically functions by ensuring the quick assimilation of separate micro components into plants. This also abstains blended crop deficiencies as well as enhances the growth rate for numerous crops and plants.
When a positive and acetate ion are blended together, their reaction is generally called Acetates. It is useful in low-temperature process of LiCoO2 as well as LiMnn2O4 intercalation compounds. This is also utilized as a de-icing substance and dietary supplement for medical products.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
The offered Pharmaceutical Chemicals are significantly utilized by numerous industries for making medicines, cleaning products, skincare and haircare items. These are formulated in either liquid, solid and powder form for simple integration with different chemical to acquire accurately composed reaction.
Amino Acid Chelates
A wide range of Amino Acid Chelates varying from calcium, manganese, magnesium to iron are offered in this category. All of these compounds are available in the physical form of powder in different colors.
Ammonium Formate
We are providing the pure Ammonium Formate that can be easily decomposed into water and formamide on heating. Offered compound can be primarily used in different industries. At highly cost effective rates offered compound can be availed from us.
Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate is a type of zinc supplement, it consists of an essential mineral that is needed for vision, reproduction and immune function of the body. As the body does not manufacture zinc on its own, hence, it must be included in diet or supplements.

Green Chelating Agent
Green Chelating Agent is a biodegradable product that is mainly used for cleaning and washing. These materials are used in surface care, detergents Laundry and homecare products. We deliver this along with the assurance of quality and in a timely manner.

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